The Weekly Chat with Finley and Bubbles

Hey Finley you there?

Of course I’m here! You can’t really be lost in a place like this.

I know, do you like the new tank?

Yeah, but we don’t get fed much, I mean 6 flakes a day each, are you kidding me!

Wow! No wonder you’re stomachs that big. I thought you were pregnant!

Hey, that’s just mean.

You know you should go on a diet.

Hey, you can’t tell me what to do, I’m 2 months older than you!

So what! Hey Finley, do you wanna have a race around the castle?

No way, I’m still digesting!

You spend your life digesting.

Well at least when people look at me they can’t see my ribs!

That is so NOT true!

Oh come on Bubbles, you knew I was kidding.

I guess…

Where’s that skinny fishy smile on your face Bubbles-er, I, er mean your nice fishy smile?

Still not finding your sense of humour..

Oh give it up Bubbles, can we just stay friends again, I mean we have to stay together for the rest of are lives, hey I’ll race you round the castle!

Hey you got a head start, stop! Finley!!!

Catch up next week for another issue of ‘the weekly chat with bubbles and finley!’



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