The Weekly Chat with Finley and Bubbles

Oh I’m so tired of waiting!

Why, what are you waiting for?

The new fish of course.

Oh yeah him.

Or her.

Yes or her.

Just then some humans walk past the tank and talk about the new fish. They say they won’t get the new fish-for another 2 months. Of course Finley freaks out when he hear’s the news.

AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! How am I going to live!

Just relax. I know patience isn’t one of your natural abilities but you just have to have a small bit of it.


Look I bet you we’ll be fed any minute.

Approximately 2 minutes  later.

See I told you we’d be fed soon!

Food, glorious food! Nobody could be without it!

I’ll have mine later…

OK then I’ll eat it all now!

No wait-I’ll have some now!

That’s more like it. Are you trying to starve yourself or something?

No I’m actually going on a diet.


Oh it’s quite easy actually, do you want to play a game of chase around the castle?


catch up next week on ‘the weekly chat with Finley and bubbles’ in a christmas special.


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