The Weekly Chat with Finley and Bubbles





Wake up!

I’m already awake.

Yeah, after I yelled my head off at you.

OK, OK, What’s got you in such a stroppy mood.

I just need to talk to you about something.


Well the humans have been talking and I heard they are going on some sort of thing they call a holiday.

Uh Oh.


Holidays mean they leave us alone for a few weeks then come back later.


I know, but come on, their really fun actually. They give us this cube of food and every day we eat some. But I’ll just eat all of it on the first day.

You wouldn’t, you’d be sick.

I guess, OK, I’ll save a little bit for you.


Just kidding!


Now, go back to sleep!

No, I’m awake now so I won’t be able to. Anyway the humans will come in a few hours. 

Fine, Let’s have a race then, first to swim around the castle wins.


OK, On the count of five. one two, three, four, go!

Hey I thought you said 5! Hey Finley, come back!

I won!

Hey you cheated!

No. You just weren’t ready. OK, OK, I cheated, never mind!

Why you little @$%£!

Oi, language mate!

Oops, sorry my dad taught me those words about five minutes after I hatched!

Yeah, father’s these day!

Tell me about it…

Good Night Bubbles.

Good Night Finley!

Catch the weekly chat with Finley and Bubbles again in January 2012! Bye!



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