The Weekly Chat with Finley and Bubbles





Wake up!

I’m already awake.

Yeah, after I yelled my head off at you.

OK, OK, What’s got you in such a stroppy mood.

I just need to talk to you about something.


Well the humans have been talking and I heard they are going on some sort of thing they call a holiday.

Uh Oh.


Holidays mean they leave us alone for a few weeks then come back later.


I know, but come on, their really fun actually. They give us this cube of food and every day we eat some. But I’ll just eat all of it on the first day.

You wouldn’t, you’d be sick.

I guess, OK, I’ll save a little bit for you.


Just kidding!


Now, go back to sleep!

No, I’m awake now so I won’t be able to. Anyway the humans will come in a few hours. 

Fine, Let’s have a race then, first to swim around the castle wins.


OK, On the count of five. one two, three, four, go!

Hey I thought you said 5! Hey Finley, come back!

I won!

Hey you cheated!

No. You just weren’t ready. OK, OK, I cheated, never mind!

Why you little @$%£!

Oi, language mate!

Oops, sorry my dad taught me those words about five minutes after I hatched!

Yeah, father’s these day!

Tell me about it…

Good Night Bubbles.

Good Night Finley!

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The Weekly Chat with Finley and Bubbles

Oh I’m so tired of waiting!

Why, what are you waiting for?

The new fish of course.

Oh yeah him.

Or her.

Yes or her.

Just then some humans walk past the tank and talk about the new fish. They say they won’t get the new fish-for another 2 months. Of course Finley freaks out when he hear’s the news.

AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! How am I going to live!

Just relax. I know patience isn’t one of your natural abilities but you just have to have a small bit of it.


Look I bet you we’ll be fed any minute.

Approximately 2 minutes  later.

See I told you we’d be fed soon!

Food, glorious food! Nobody could be without it!

I’ll have mine later…

OK then I’ll eat it all now!

No wait-I’ll have some now!

That’s more like it. Are you trying to starve yourself or something?

No I’m actually going on a diet.


Oh it’s quite easy actually, do you want to play a game of chase around the castle?


catch up next week on ‘the weekly chat with Finley and bubbles’ in a christmas special.

The Weekly Chat with Finley and Bubbles



I’ve heard there’s been talk that another fish is coming into the tank too!


Yeah and apparently he’s gonna be called Joey.

Nice name!

Yeah it’s a really cool name-hey are you OK, you’ve been pretty quiet over the last few days.

I’m fine, how about you?

Me-oh I’m hungry.

I should of guessed-you always are…anyway weren’t we fed like 10 minutes ago?


Oh come on dude, you’re  always hungry! Look you need to stop thinking about your stomach at start to relax.


Look, I think it’s time for some ‘Bubbles relaxing therapy!’

Oh no, here we go again…

Now, imagine you are on a desert island-

With some people? People means food, food means I’m happy.

No, No, No! There is no food here.


Oh this really not working. Let’s try some place else, imagine you are in a, um, er, ok, let’s say you’re in a gym, working out and…

Approxeimately   5 hours later…

And then this giant bee comes down and-



Huh, oh hiya bubbles, hey I was taking a nap, why did you wake me up?

I haven’t finished with my therapy on you yet!

What therapy? Hey when’s food, I’m starving.

Oh I give up!

Catch up with ‘the weekly chat with Finley and Bubbles’ next week when hopefully Joey will be in the tank too!

The Weekly Chat with Finley and Bubbles

Hey Finley you there?

Of course I’m here! You can’t really be lost in a place like this.

I know, do you like the new tank?

Yeah, but we don’t get fed much, I mean 6 flakes a day each, are you kidding me!

Wow! No wonder you’re stomachs that big. I thought you were pregnant!

Hey, that’s just mean.

You know you should go on a diet.

Hey, you can’t tell me what to do, I’m 2 months older than you!

So what! Hey Finley, do you wanna have a race around the castle?

No way, I’m still digesting!

You spend your life digesting.

Well at least when people look at me they can’t see my ribs!

That is so NOT true!

Oh come on Bubbles, you knew I was kidding.

I guess…

Where’s that skinny fishy smile on your face Bubbles-er, I, er mean your nice fishy smile?

Still not finding your sense of humour..

Oh give it up Bubbles, can we just stay friends again, I mean we have to stay together for the rest of are lives, hey I’ll race you round the castle!

Hey you got a head start, stop! Finley!!!

Catch up next week for another issue of ‘the weekly chat with bubbles and finley!’


Finley and Bubbles arrive!!!

Finley and Bubbles swimming happily

The school is dancing around in excitement today as (most) of the fish have arrived! Unfortunately there wasn’t any black mores at the pet shop (as they were on holiday) so we got 2 fish instead, a gold one (Bubbles) and a gold and white one (Finley), but don’t worry, Joey will be here soon!

They don’t seem to mind the tank and they’re swimming about exploring their new home, they must be happy! We’ll keep you posted on the doings of Finley and Bubbles and tell you when Joey comes in too!

Finley in the tank!



Bubbles and his friend-Mr. Reflection of Bubbles!



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Let's hope this guy had breakfast...


Hey guys, I'm pooping jelly beans!


Hey guys, did you know my cousin is a hamster?

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